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GREENSBURG – Staying relevant with the “ARTistry” trend to make the Greensburg downtown a destination and an interesting place to hang out, Art on the Square Gallery and the Decatur County Arts Connection recently hosted an Art Camp for sixth-graders at their gallery/studio location on Washington Street.

Training youth to translate their view of the world into expressions on canvas and paper, artists Margaret Couch-Parker and Nancy Derheimer took eight sixth-graders under their wings and opened their creative young minds using just a dab of glue, a few pieces of fabric and paper, and some oil pastels and chalks.

“It’s always interesting to see what their little minds are going to come up with,” said Couch-Parker. “I love when we get them settled down, after we explain to them what we want them to do and showing them how to do it, they always seem to come up with something unexpected.”

Couch-Parker’s works adorn many of the walls of the little street-side shop called Art on the Square Gallery. Different expressions in a multitude of media and styles show her mastery of color and form, her ability to work in so many different types of materials.

Retired from a life of inspiring and opening young minds as an art teacher in the Decatur County educational system, she is quietly passionate about her work and sharing it with others.

“I like to create. I like to show other people how I see the world, the shapes and the colors of everyday scenes are something I love to share, and that’s the key to becoming a good artist, I think,” she said. “I don’t know that I’m an artist, actually, but I know that artists examine the shapes and colors of everything, the way light affects those shapes, and the way the light deepens colors or makes them brighter and darker. That’s why I enjoy painting.”

She continued by saying all of that is a challenge, but if she gets to the point she doesn’t like something she’s working on she can always throw it…

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