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Growing up in Westport, art is part of the environment.

From elementary school classes to works in the permanent collection hanging in the halls; from enrichment opportunities like the Drew Friedman Community Arts Center and Artists Collective of Westport; to just living near so many men and women who make their living painting, drawing and sculpting, youngsters are enveloped and influenced by the arts in ways they don’t even realize.

The world of finance is part of our environment too.

Boys and girls grow up here surrounded by Wall Street. Their parents and friends’ parents work there (literally or figuratively). Money — how to earn it, enhance it, spend it, invest it and make more of it — is a constant topic of conversation. Even when it’s not explicitly talked about, it’s an unspoken part of Westport’s DNA.

Alexandra Bregman grew up here. At Kings Highway Elementary, Bedford and Coleytown Middle Schools, and Staples High School, she was aware — consciously and unconsciously — of art and money.

At Staples she played the flute, and worked on the literary magazine Soundings. But Inklings, the school newspaper, was her most important, and formative, activity.

After graduating in 2006, Bregman headed to Smith College. Along with her English courses, she studied art history and French. She spent a semester abroad in France.

Smith’s career services office suggested she go into journalism. But her art history classes and study in France made art galleries seem like an…

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