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Courtesy photo/ Kerrie Baughman, a
clerical unit supervisor for Blair County, also creates unique balloon art pieces. Baughman
provides her services to schools, birthday parties, summer
carnivals, ceremonies and other events. She also shows people how to create their own balloon art step-by-step.

LAKEMONT — Kerrie Baughman likes to make people happy. In fact, she has an entire room in her home dedicated to spreading happiness.

She calls it her “balloon room,” and it holds thousands of balloons waiting to be turned into art.

Baughman, a clerical unit supervisor for Blair County, is also a balloon artist who goes far beyond balloon animals to create unique pieces. If she can think it, she can create it.

It was Baughman’s husband, Bart, who set her on a path of balloon artistry, although that wasn’t his intention at the time.

“My husband was dabbling in balloons,” she said. “When I saw some of the things he did, in my head I was imagining different things I could do with them.”

Baughman said art has been part of her life since she was a young girl and balloon art was another way for her to explore her creative side.

“Ever since I was little, I drew characters,” she said. “All through school, I took every single art class they offered.”

When Baughman turned her artistic skills toward balloon art, a new world of creativity opened, and she was determined to do it right.

Baughman, who had already been entertaining people as Miss Choo, an energetic clown with a friendly face, sought the advice of the late Denny Huber, a well-known clown and entertainer in Altoona.

“I was friends with Denny and talked to him about where to buy the supplies and getting the right things,” Baughman said. “Denny was a local icon, so I depended on his expertise on where to go and what to get.”

Armed with supplies and a vivid imagination, Baughman dove head first into learning everything she could about balloon art.

“I started researching about how to…

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