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By Tempo staff

As the Paseo Project 2019 artist-in-residence — La Pocha Nostra, an art group consisting of Guillermo Gómez-Peña, Saul Garcia Lopez/La Saula and Balitronica Gómez — will have one of their legendary international performance summer school workshops in Taos.

These workshops are considered to be La Pocha Nostra’s “most important pedagogical and political adventures of the year,” according to a Paseo press release.

This three-hour per day workshop (1-4 p.m.) includes a five-day immersive in what is referred to as La Pocha Nostra’s “foundational performance exercises and pedagogy.”

“You will be immersed in performance art with a focus on the human body as a site for creation, reinvention, memory and activism,” the release continues. “This amazing cross-cultural, cross-disciplinary and cross-generational laboratory will explore the magic of the human body and as a site for permanent reinvention, radical spirituality and collaboration.”

The “Pocha workshop” is internationally recognized as “an amazing and rigorous artistic and anthropological experiment in which carefully selected artists from several countries and every imaginable artistic, ethnic, multicultural and gender persuasion begin to negotiate common ground. The workshop becomes the connective tissue and lingua franca for our temporary community of rebel artists.”

You might ask, ‘What will be taught?’ This workshop will offer two parallel processes: Participants are exposed to La Pocha Nostra’s most recent performance methodologies, which are described as “an eclectic combination of exercises borrowed from multiple traditions including performance art, experimental theater and dance, the Suzuki method, ritual shamanism, performance games and live jam sessions. Parallel to this hands-on process, the group will performatively analyze the creative process, the issues addressed by the work, its aesthetic currency, cultural impact and political…

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