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For local artist Sean Usyk, a lot of artistic mentoring lives in the realm of getting people to retrain their brain to see the actual shapes and shading of objects they are drawing, rather than letting their brain sort features into shape categories that are common to them.

For example, “eyes are not the shape of footballs,” he says.

In addition to being a freelance artist, Usyk also teaches illustration at Mohawk Valley Community College and PrattMWP, where he mentors students honing their skills in drawing, painting and storytelling.

“I do a lot of digital painting. That’s mainly what I do now,” he said.

This fall, Usyk will be leading a program at the Utica Public Library to get people thinking about character creation.

Here’s what else Usyk had to say about creating art.

So, you are leading an upcoming educational program, what will that encompass?

On two Saturdays in October, he will be leading informational sessions at the Utica Public Library on how to build characters in an artistic sense. The sessions will guide attendees through the mental process of conceptualization, he said.

“It’s not going to be an art class. … But, this one is for all ages,” he said.

What art advice do you commonly give out?

“Build up the habit of drawing regularly. … Drawing what you see versus drawing what you think you see. … When we are in school, we are developing the left side of our brain (the side geared toward math and science). Very little goes into the right side,” he said.

That right side is where art lives, he said.

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