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FLORENCE — Finding beauty in the things we throw away isn’t always easy, but that’s exactly what a group of students at the University of North Alabama aimed to do with a concept they entered into a nationwide design competition.

Interior Architecture and Design students Callie Kramer, Brittany Burkett, Peyton Clemmer, Crystal Henry and Faith Watts made up one of six teams from UNA that joined undergraduate and graduate students from across the United States in the inaugural “Design and Build” competition.

“We are very proud of the ideas that all of our students produced,” said Kendra McLain, an assistant professor of Interior Architecture and Design. “This competition gave them the opportunity to consider how to invite community participation through a sustainable, creative experience.”

Students got to work in February and turned in their assignments at the end of the semester ahead of the May submission deadline.

The placing team’s design earned them third place and $1,000. They were the only group from the Southeast to place in the competition.

“Design and Build,” an initiative of the Colorado-based Museum of Outdoor Arts, challenged participants to put their heads together to design a makerspace that encompassed the idea of “tactical urbanism.”

Designs also had to incorporate that idea into a pop-up space, sculpture, or other installation no larger than 500 square feet.

Each team had to submit a project proposal, as well as a resume and bio for each team member.

“Our design was created with the thought that it can be incorporated and made in any community/city across the country or the world,” the UNA team’s proposal reads. “The purpose is to encourage recycling across the county and to have the community think differently about recycling, and that what we would otherwise throw away can be made into a beautiful community masterpiece.”

The result is a public art installation that incorporates a system…

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