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The Norman Arts Council is undertaking one of their biggest projects yet for today’s Art Walk.

Council members plan to launch a temporary art piece called Museo Aero Solar, a project which started in Brazil. The art piece is centered around patchworking plastic bags together to form a solar-powered hot air balloon.

Erinn Gavaghan, executive director for Norman Arts Council, said the project has been in the works for awhile.

“The original plan was to do an installation and solar inflating of the balloon back in June but it was too windy,” Gavaghan said Thursday. “Now we’re worried that it may be too cloudy tomorrow to install it. So our fingers are crossed that the project isn’t cancelled twice.”

The piece will include 400 shopping bags and is 600 square feet long. The shopping bags were supplied by the Norman Arts Council and community members, and some of the bags include drawings and art pieces of their own.

The idea behind the original Museo Aero Solar in Brazil was to commentate on the negative impact plastic bags have on the environment. That same idea is behind the project for the Norman Arts Council, Gavaghan said.

“Essentially, the concept is (plastic bags) is a material that’s bad for the environment,” she said. “When they get put into recycling bins, they destroy recycling machines. They are destructive to the recycling process. This project is a way to utilize a material that otherwise can’t be used and it’s a visual of how many plastic bags we have in our community.”

The plan is for installation of the piece to begin around 3 p.m, weather permitting. The art piece is naturally inflated by the sun because the plastic traps in heat, which means it will be inflated until the sun goes down tonight. The council plans to install the art in the green space on the corner of Peters Avenue and Comanche Street.

“We’ve really wanted to do this for a…

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