Tiffany Trump, Marla Maples pose for risqué ‘Confessional’ art project – Google Alerts

It’s Tiffany Trump — and her mom Marla Maples — like you’ve never seen them before.

The only child of Donald Trump and his second wife posed in a revealing art project in 2015 that is only now just coming to light.

“Confessional,” by LA-based photographer Scott Nathan featured almost 30 minutes of footage of the first daughter staring into a camera accompanied by music from Miles Davis’ 1957 album “Ascenseur pour l’échafaud.” Most of the video shows her pouting or pursing her lips or throwing kisses to the camera.

Nathan also recorded a “confessional” video with Maples, who had been present with her daughter during the shoot.

The project required both women to skimp on makeup, and though they were clothed throughout, the footage was shot in a way to strongly suggest nudity.

Trump and Maples sat for their videos in November 2015, just months after Donald Trump launched his presidential campaign. At the time few thought the billionaire had any chance at capturing the White House, including Tiffany, who “rolled her eyes and smiled nervously” when Nathan brought up the prospect of Trump winning.

“I felt in my heart he was going to win and that she should buckle up,” Nathan recalled.

Donald Trump’s victory wasn’t easy for Tiffany Trump. Nathan said she had difficulty finding someone who would make her a dress for the Republican National Convention, and that designer a friend of his, Michael Schmidt, had refused to assist, calling Tiffany “radioactive.”

“I suggested she ask Ivanka. I said ‘Ivanka has probably one of the great closets in Manhattan. Ask to borrow something.’ She was reluctant and embarrassed to ask. She said ‘I don’t want her to know I don’t have any money,’” Nathan remembered.

Tiffany Trump ultimately ordered her dress from Nordstrom Rack online.

“I couldn’t for the life of me understand how no one in that entire family or campaign thought to get Tiffany a full glam…

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