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Many people like to tackle major cleanup and organizational projects in the fall, and we are no exception.
We are in possession of more than 30 artworks and we do not know if they are on loan to us or have been donated permanently. They include photographs and prints, original watercolors and oil paintings, most framed. Many are signed and some are not. Further, while we recognize some of the artists’ names, we don’t know many of them at all. Some pieces may have been given to the library by someone other than the artist.

We would greatly appreciate your help in identifying the art’s source so we can ascertain the artist’s or donor’s wish regarding ownership. If you can help, please come into the library, look at our art and give us the benefit of your knowledge.

Those identifications will be the first in our three-step project. The second part will be to choose places on our walls where we can properly display the art that is ours. For this we are hoping to get the assistance of a person with knowledge and experience willing to donate time to hanging our art, so please let us know if you are available to help with this key task.

The third step is a more long-term goal. “Ultimately we also would like to have a special place in the library for rotating art exhibits to give local artists exposure for their work and our patrons the joy of seeing beautiful art refreshed regularly,” said Meg Wempe, library director.

Please contact her at the library at (970) 264-2209 if you can help with any aspect of this project. We would be grateful for any expertise you can share with us.

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