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In celebration of their artists ongoing artistic journey Goldenstein Gallery presents The Current. The show features an array of art from many different artists including new pieces from Patricia A. Griffin, Ray Tigerman and Ben Wright.

Goldenstein Gallery will kick off The Current with an opening reception Friday, Aug. 2, from 5 to 8 p.m. Local artist Syri Hall will be sculpting in residence at the reception.

While Ben Wright’s paint­ings honor American Indian traditions, they also portray a depth of emotion and sense of wisdom that reflects the balance, connectivity and spiri­tuality that he strives for in his life. 

Figures with a powerful stillness capture your imagina­tion inviting you inward to a sacred space. His body of work is full of compelling imagery, juxtaposed with bold colors and neutrals, in combination with sophisticated glazing techniques.

Sacred colors, numbers and shapes play an integral role, adding to the visionary spirit of his pieces.

For many collectors the poetic nature of artist Patricia A Griffin’s work acts as a doorway. 

Her compelling paintings draw them across a myste­rious threshold, leaving them profoundly connected at a soul level with her intriguing subjects; both domestic and wild animals. 

She has spent the past 28 years painting, teaching and traversing the globe, spending long moments of time just being with the wildlife she so loves. 

She views this time spent in their habitat as critical to the power of her work which reso­nates with her deep connection of shared existence.

Bold colors and light domi­nate her paintings where multiple layers of oil paint are applied in what she refers to as “veils to linen,” producing a dynamic vibration. Her fearless use of color reveals poignant and endearing facets of each creature as she works to extract her subjects innate connectivity to the human world saying “The energy of oil color moves the eye and Animals exist in the vibration…

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