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Judi Forney says she creates art that connects with the spirit. Forney’s surrealism style art, will be featured in the Main Event Gallery’s Sept. 11 to Oct. 26 exhibit.

With the theme Personal Visions, gallery members will be creating theirs for the exhibit. Meet the artists at the reception 5-8 p.m. Friday, Sept. 13, at 710 Main St., Red Bluff.

“My style of rendering hovers between visionary and romantic,” Forney said. “I have stayed true to my principle of creating work that is unique to my singular vision.”

Forney has chosen paintings for this exhibition include a retrospective of paintings created nearly 30 years ago along with more recent paintings.

“All of the work included in the show is Surreal, visionary, and spiritually based,” Forney said. “I plan to display my writings along with some of the paintings because I want the viewer to know the underlying meanings behind the painting.”

Forney began to study art in her twenties when she started to take Adult Education Classes at the College of San Mateo, attending at night in order to study Oil Painting, Drawing and Art History.

“I chose to learn the technical aspects of creating art, hoping to develop my own style and to go within to develop my ideas and the visions I received,” Forney said. “Apparently, I achieved my goal to be unique when I met an artist agent, who described my work as having a, ‘signature Style.’

“The knowledge I obtained from studying the lives of prominent artist’s prompted me not to follow their example, especially due to the struggle and frustration they appear to have suffered, particularly the Impressionists. I’m far more pragmatic and attached to eating and having comfort in my life, including a roof over my head, than they were. Another motivational factor for me was that art represented the one area of my life where I didn’t have to follow other people’s rules, I painted what I wanted and when I wanted.

“I maintained my lifestyle by…

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