Retired LI Teachers Commission Student Art For Kingdom Animal Shelter | Local News – Google Alerts

ST. JOHNSBURY — Retired Lyndon Institute teachers Mike and Cisi Flynn continue to be boosters of the independent high school in Lyndon Center, and to support its students, and one way they do that is through commissioning student works of art to donate locally.

This week, the latest in the Flynn’s commissioning of LI student artwork saw a reproduction of an antique Eveready batteries painting of a little girl shining a flashlight onto a mother cat and a litter of kittens in a darkened scene with many shades of blue.

kAm|:<6 u=J?? 925 3@F89E 2 C6AC@5F4E:@? @7 E96 A2:?E:?8[ @? 2 C64E2?8F=2C A:646 @7 E:?[ 2?5 925 E96 G:?E286 25G6CE:D6>6?E E:? 2E 9:D 9@>6[ 2?5 E9@F89E :E H@F=5 >2<6 2 ?:46 4@>>:DD:@? E@ 92G6 2? {x DEF56?E C64C62E6 2?5 E96? 5@?2E6 E@ E96 ?6H=J @A6?65 z:?85@> p?:>2= $96=E6C @? !@CE=2?5 $EC66E]k^Am

kAm%96 DEF56?E H9@ H2D C64@>>6?565 E@ >2<6 E96 @:= A2:?E:?8 H2D t>>2==:6 q2:=6J[ H9@ C646?E=J 8C25F2E65 7C@> {x 2?5 😀 962565 E@ }@CE96C? ‘6C>@?E &?:G6CD:EJ’D y@9?D@? 42>AFD D@@? E@ DEF5J DEF5:@ 2CE[ D96 D2:5[ 2E E96 z:?85@> p?:>2= $96=E6C =2DE H66< H96? E96 A2:?E:?8 H2D AC6D6?E65]k^Am

kAmp44@C5:?8 E@ |:<6 u=J??[ “t>>2==:6 q2:=6J H2D 2 ;F?:@C 5F4< DE2>A H:??6C E9:D J62C 2E {x 2?5 F?56C E96 5:C64E:@? @7 2CE 724F=EJ q2C3 u@==6EE 92D 5@?6 2 362FE:7F= A2:?E:?8 7@C E96 z:?85@> p?:>2= $96=E6C @7 2 >@E96C 42E 2?5 <:EE6?D]”k^Am

kAmu=J?? D2:5[ “$@>6 J62CD 28@ x 2D<65 q2C3 t2E@? u@==6EE :7 D96 925 2 D6?:@C DEF56?E H9@ D96 76=E H2D A2CE:4F=2C=J E2=6?E65 H9@ >:89E H2?E E@ 5@ 2 A2:?E:?8 7@C A2J 2D 2 D@CE @7 6IEC2 4C65:E D6?:@C AC@;64E]”k^Am

kAm“%96 7:CDE 76H H6C6 7@@E32== A=2J6CD 8:G6? E96 DE2EFD @7 ‘%96 v2>6]’ x E9:?< @?6 H2D 2 D<:6C] r:D: 2?5 x H2?E65 E@ 8:G6 E2=6?E65 <:5D D@>6 42D9 7@C E96:C H@C<[ D@>6 @7 H9:49 DE:== 92?8D 2E D49@@=[” 6IA=2:?65 u=J??[ H9@ 😀 2=D@ 2 7@C>6C {x 4@249 H9@ 92D C6>2:?65 24E:G6=J :?G@=G65 H:E9 E96 D49@@= 2D 2? 2E9=6E:4D 3@@DE6C] w6 2?5 9:D H:76 2C6 2=D@ :?G@=G65 😕 E96 4@>>F?:EJ[…

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