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“Thank you for being strong, for so long,” began Sammi Velasquez in her untitled poem.

“Thank you for being a hero who fights; you stand up for our rights. You go into harm’s way, so you can save the day.

“You are the best! So are the rest.

“Thank you active Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard.”

In those charming, heartfelt words, the Goodnight School second-grader succinctly captured the heart and soul of all that unfolded Monday at Memorial Hall.

For the fifth consecutive Veterans Day, Pride and Patriotism saw Pueblo School District 60 students, from kindergarteners to high school seniors, pay tribute to — in word, song, art and video — those who served and those currently doing so.

The creative contributions reflected this year’s theme: “An Artistic Celebration of our Nation’s Military Heroes.”

An extension of classroom teachings on the inherent value of sacrifice in the name of freedom and liberty, Pride and Patriotism reinforced the eternal importance of honor, integrity and patriotism — the three core values that serve as the foundation of the Center for American Values, the program’s co-presenter.

“Veterans Day holds a special place in my heart,” said D60 Superintendent Charlotte Macaluso in an opening address. “Because my own husband Michael served in the Marines during Desert Storm.

“But to all veterans in the audience with us tonight, and to those who are currently serving our country, Pride and Patriotism is our district’s way of showing our respect and appreciation for the sacrifices made to sustain the American values that we enjoy as a community and country.”

The centerpiece of Monday’s tribute were student-penned essays and poems on such themes as veterans, service members and their families, and POW/MIA.

The best of these authors were called to the stage to be congratulated by the evening’s esteemed guests: World War II veterans Ken Carter (Navy) and Ernie DeGraw (Air Force), who also served in the Korean and Vietnam…

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