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Sheryl Potter is grateful for community support as she prepares to leave McAlester and the popular Art Spot under new ownership.

Sheryl and her husband, Jim, started the Art Spot five years ago when they moved to McAlester from Houston with their sons, who work for Tucker Energy Services. Now, they’re moving to San Antonio and thanked people for making their dreams possible.

“I leave just being so grateful that I’ve been able to do this for five years because I love to do it,” Sheryl Potter said.

The Potters are Texans, growing up near Houston before Sheryl graduated from Baylor University and Jim graduated from Sam Houston State University. Jim worked for DuPont as a pipe fitter for 30 years and Sheryl previously worked at a business similar to the Art Spot.

Sheryl said the Potters didn’t want to close the doors before they move so the 12 children in after school programs and people hosting various events held at the Art Spot still had a place to do so.

They spent the last couple of weeks training the Art Spot’s new owner, Teresa Fields, who lives in Eufaula and has family in McAlester.

Fields has been a revenue accountant in the oil and gas industry, but she works remotely and enjoy working with children and art.

She was in children’s ministry for 20 years at First United Methodist in Tulsa.

So what’s her goal with taking over the Art Spot?

“Just to continue to provide something here for people to come for special occasions and for creativity,” Fields said. “I just want to continue down what Sheryl’s been doing and hopefully grow some more.”

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