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BROCKWAY — A closing reception July 26 at the Brockway Center for Arts and Technology, or BCAT, recognized the ceramic art show Pinch Stretch Repeat by Hannah Scrima.

The gallery show was a capstone project for the time she has spent at the art center. When she began at the center, it was as a resident artist for a year. She decided to stay on for a second year, and during that time teaching positions opened up. She took one of the positions as a ceramic teacher and will be staying in the center.

Her show is a physical representation of her journey with using art as a coping mechanism. She has been working with the idea of coping methods and dealing with emotions through art since she was in college.

“Mostly I’m trying to deal with negative emotions… trying to get rid of these compulsive thoughts,” Scrima said.

She says the repetitive motion of pinching and stretching the clay becomes a way to connect with it and work through her negative thoughts. She goes on an emotional journey while creating with clay and finding ways to cope with emotions.

Scrima did not always plan to become an artist. When she was in high school, she wanted to become an air traffic controller. She had taken ceramics courses in high school but hadn’t seriously considered it as her future. One of her high school teachers convinced her to give art a try, so she went to Slippery Rock because it was the school closest to her home.

Teaching was not something she had ever thought she would pursue. She described teaching at BCAT as being thrown into the deep end and figuring it out as she went. The primary age group she teaches is high school age students during after school programs. She has also undertaken teaching a few groups with kindergarteners. Scrima added that Tween classes fill really fast when they have them at the center.

“We have a lot of return students in the classes as well,” Scrima said.

Her clay works that were hung on the wall had not…

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