Nob Hill businesses bouncing back from ART project – Google Alerts

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) –  While some business leaders say dozens of businesses in the Nob Hill area have shut down since the start of the ART project, one local business owner says she’s temporarily closing to reinvest in the area.

“It’s a reinvestment in the neighborhood because we believe it’s an area that matters,” says Flying Star CEO Jean Bernstein.

The owner of Flying Star says she’s closing for a remodel because she believes Nob Hill is bouncing back and she wants to be at the forefront of the area’s revival.

“Little by little it seems like there is investment happening and it’s worth trying or luck again,” Bernstein says.

City Councilor Pat Davis says Nob Hill is changing.

“Nob Hill is turning a corner putting art construction behind us,” said Davis. who believes it’s an area where people can have unique experiences.

“A place where you can ride a scooter or a place where you can go place to place and have a drink or dinner with friends is very different than going to the mall,” said Davis.

The councilman believes the businesses that will invest in that, will be the ones that thrive.

“They lost some old customers who found new places but folks that are thriving in Nob Hill again are the ones that are embracing the idea of creating a community where you want to show up and see what’s happening,” Davis says.

People who live and work there know it won’t happen overnight.

“It will take business owners that are courageous enough to come back to this place because it’s going to be a slow build back to where it was,” said Ivan Villars.

Davis says during ART construction they saw a dip in the number of businesses coming into Nob Hill and explains the number of business license applications are where they were before the project started. Flying Star will close July 31st and the business plans to…

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