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This year, we were lucky enough to have a fixture in the art world speak at the Grit Daily Live! Miami Art Summit. Alexis Hubshman is a prominent figure in the art world and a fixture at Miami’s Art Basel. As the president of SCOPE Art Fair, Hubshman travels the world and traverses the art scene to cultivate stunning selections for SCOPE’s exhibitions.

SCOPE Art Fair: A Resource for the Art World

SCOPE Art Fair takes place annually at three major artistic destinations, Miami, New York City, and Basel, Switzerland ⁠— home of the eponymous Art Basel. The fair has developed a stellar reputation for showcasing up and coming talent and for exhibiting new trends right as they are catching on. Hubshman and his team have done a stellar job as curators, making SCOPE a premier barometer for the global art scene.

As with any culture, connection and collaboration is paramount. This is why Hubshman models SCOPE Art Fair as a resource for creatives. By supporting artists of different mediums as well as galleries, Hubshman has created a network for growth in business and creativity.

Alexis Hubshman is Always Innovating

The industry of art is a fickle one. In order to maintain longevity, a group needs to keep its finger firmly on the pulse of the scene. In order to distinguish themselves from the pack, they need to bring something new to the table. SCOPE Art Fair achieves both of these lofty tasks.

Hubshman was able to achieve success in the industry by remaining privately owned and maintaining a personal touch. While the rest of the art world has suffered in recent years, particularly corporate entities, SCOPE has not. Hubshman’s personal reputation for consistency as a taste-maker has kept them at the forefront.

Another contributing factor in the Art Fair’s continued success is the innovative ways in which galleries are hosted. SCOPE has created an online management system which allows galleries to specifically tailor the way in which their art is exhibited. The…

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