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Clotilde Jimenez, Rikishi, 2019.


When artist Clotilde Jimenez packed up a new work to be shipped from his studio while he prepared to leave London for a new home in Mexico City, he had promising horizons in mind: a change of location for his life, and a breakthrough for a new kind of work to develop in the form of a mixed-media collage titled Rikishi. Instead, the artwork vanished—and months later remains nowhere to be found.

Through an arrangement brokered by Mariane Ibrahim Gallery, the Chicago-based enterprise that represents him, Jimenez packed up his piece in June and sent it off for shipment with the British Shop, a high-profile international art-handling service based in the U.K. But when the gallery later requested a condition report for a group of works meant to be transported from the artist’s studio to the British Shop’s facility for further shipping, word came back that Rikishi appeared to have disappeared—possibly lost in the packaging it was wrapped in and discarded by mistake, the artist and the gallery came to believe.

“It’s heartbreaking for me,” Jimenez said. “If a piece gets stolen, there’s a chance it will come up one day. But the thought of it folding in on itself in a dumpster is just…”

The collage made with mixed materials (paint, fabric, sandpaper, magazine cut-outs, twine) tapped into personal history. “My dad, on the side, is a sumo wrestler,” Jimenez said of a reference to sumo tradition in the title. And the work was set to show in Mariane Ibrahim’s booth at the Expo Chicago art fair later this month as well as in a solo exhibition at the gallery next year.

But now the work’s disappearance is a source of potential litigation. “Where we are now is in a moment of a fight,” said Ibrahim, who, after months of interaction with the British Shop since the incident, is angered over what she sees as a strategy of inaction. “I’m not going to let this go and pass by….

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