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A landscape photo taken by Ted.

Four local siblings have,not only their relation in common, but also their chosen profession or artistic outlet.

Brad, Doug, Jackie and Ted Distel are a family of artists. Each work with art a little differently, either in oil painting, graphic design, custom work and photography.

Doug is currently the content marketing manager for Addiasoutdoor.com. In his spare time he works with oil painting.

“I enjoy creating super-realistic portraiture and have created quite a few commissioned paintings over the years,” Doug said.

Recently, Doug said he has been working on freelance graphic design work; work like posters for short films.

“I really enjoy working in both physical media and digital projects,” Doug said.

Ever since he was young, Doug said he has enjoyed “making stuff.” But it was while in high school at Columbian in Robert Johonston’s (Or Mr. J as his students would call him) class where everything came into focus for him.

“(Johnston) was the first to really get me hooked on art and I can’t speak any higher of him as a mentor and teacher,” Doug said. “Between Mr. J and the amazing people I was in class with it was always fun and rewarding.”

Art, according to Doug, “reflects and teaches you about the world.”

“Art is a mirror and you can understand nearly everything in life from people, culture and history from just studying art and the arts,” Doug said.

On being in a family of artists, Doug said he loves it.

“I ultimately went to the (same) art school my older brothers did (Columbus College of Art and Design) and after seeing what it was like (I) wanted to go there too,” Doug said. “Having good role models to emulate was a huge help. I’m super proud of all my siblings and the artistic avenues they’ve created for themselves.”

Doug said he doesn’t think he would be where he is today without being in such a supportive family.

Brad is currently employed at Quick Tab II in…

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