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MARTINSBURG — Despite the plain conference room inside the downtown Martinsburg lawyer’s office, the large wooden table and the statuesque man sitting behind it dominated the space and drew attention immediately to his presence.

Kin Sayre, an attorney with Bowles Rice LLP, is not an uncommon figure in many of the county’s and city’s boardrooms as he dispenses years of legal advice to those who work to lead the Eastern Panhandle.

However, Sayre’s knowledge of the law and longstanding presence in the area are not the only things about him that command attention. His impeccable and unique style is as much a part of his aura as his work.

“I feel like in dealing with the public and with clients and all, they want to interact and deal with someone who does look professional and is concerned about their appearance, and that’s an important aspect,” Sayre said. “It amazes me how many attorneys or professionals have veered away. You’re not seeing people in jeans yet, but that’s sort of where we’re moving to.”

Even sitting, his 6-foot-tall frame folds neatly behind the table, only the top half of a blue and white pinstriped seersucker suit paired with a floral bow tie visible. This style, Sayre said, is all about being comfortable and practical in the summer while maintaining a level of professionalism.

“I only live two blocks from the office, and I walk most days,” Sayre said. “A lot of people recognize me based on the fact that I do wear a lot of summer suits. I love seersucker. It was 90-something degrees on Monday, and if I had to wear a black wool suit, I would have melted.”

One of the most distinct items in Sayre’s fashion arsenal is the bow tie, which he said he wears 11 months out of the year.

“I like the bow tie, I think it looks better and it’s distinctive,” he said. “When I used to wear different ties, long ties and bow ties, I never really had anybody compliment me on a long tie, but pretty much every day someone will compliment me…

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