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I am not going to complain about the weather. I repeat, I am not going to complain about the weather. That said, a Facebook friend posted recently posted that we should remember that in 16 weeks, there will be a small shift in temperature and we could probably have some slightly different form of precip. (In the picture, he was sitting in shorts in a snowdrift.) Be careful what we wish for, maybe?

Anyway, on Thursday last week, we decided to beat the heat and do something fun — in air conditioning. Ellen and I have always talked about touring the Minnesota Maritime Art Museum up in Winona. It proved to be a cool idea on several levels.

After breakfast and Bo time here at home, we pointed the Legacy north. The online directions were clear, but I still had to use the GPS to find the museum. (Note to self: “write things down, write things down.”) After navigating the orange highway barrels, the museum was easy to find. There was plenty of room to park and beautiful flowers all over. We both enjoyed that. There were barges staging across the slough from the museum. Kids would enjoy that. I know I did.

The young lady at the counter was inviting and informative. The decor is welcoming, too. We paid our $7 fee to enter and soon found ourselves absorbed in great art for nearly three hours. (Oh, the AC there works great, but take a jacket or sweatshirt, just in case; we eventually put on our rain jackets.) We could have stayed longer I think.

This week one of the exhibits was the photography of Alec Soth (pronounced like both) entitled “Sleeping by the Mississippi.” The show was comprised of some pithy prints of Soth’s work, travels, and observations of living on the river in some pretty sketchy situations.

I have always loved tall ships and the Maarten Platje exhibit of: The Early History of the U.S. Navy did not disappoint. This exhibit was of exquisitely detailed paintings of U.S. warships and others in action from the…

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