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There’s art all around us, you’re guaranteed to have seen. It doesn’t always find its place in a museum. The Frist Art Museum is changing that with a new exhibit. There’s a powerful message to it from voices within the city. 

Some pieces bring beauty. Some tell a story. Some show history. Others inspire. There’s a thriving movement of public art in North Nashville. Today, it’s not only seen under a hot August sun.

“The texturing, the shadowing is amazing,” said Lexander Bryant, looking at pieces on display at the Frist.

Bryant has a deep love for what’s just arrived at the museum as an appreciator of art and as an artist himself. 

A new exhibit is by muralists and street artists who are a part of north Nashville. 

“We’re very connected to the community, and what’s going on right now at this specific time,” said Bryant. “I don’t feel removed from my neighborhood or anything. It feels like family.”

Each piece has deep local meaning. One by Omari Booker addresses gentrification. Another by Brandon Donahue names the city’s homicide victims from last year. 

“I really respect Brandon for doing this piece,” said Bryant. “it’s beautiful. It’s beautiful.”

In that company is Bryant’s piece, a message to young people to cut through the noise and find their purpose. It’s the same inspiration he hopes to give through his street art. 

“Financial independency,” said Bryant. “Focus on building wealth, think long term and dream big. Tap into that craft early. Figure out what’s going to be your voice.”

“No one piece touches on the same thing, yet it feels like it’s intertwined,” he continued, looking at all the work in the exhibit. “I just feel like it’s the universe working in the right way to give us the platform to speak on the topics that need to be touched on.” 

The Frist exhibit takes note of a movement. Bryant said muralists and street artists have a newfound reach to deliver what…

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