Florida Good News: Street Art; Lifeguards, Beautiful Homes, Sushi – Google Alerts

MIAMI, FL — Venus Williams’ creative director shares her passion for street art while five Clearwater lifeguards save the man who trained them and Coral Gables opens the doors to some of its most elegant homes. These are among the Florida good news stories we found across the Sunshine State.

Venus Williams’ Creative Director Shares Passion For Street Art

MIAMI, FL — When Venus Williams’ creative art director wants to unwind at the end of a busy week, she hits the streets of Miami, but not just because of the city’s famous nightlife and world-class… Read more

Lifeguards Honored For Saving Life Of Man Who Trained Them

CLEARWATER, FL — Five Clearwater lifeguards were presented the American Red Cross Lifesaving Award after saving the life of the man who trained them. In October at the Morningside Recreation… Read more

Beautiful Homes, Florida Hospitality On Display In Coral Gables

CORAL GABLES, FL — Beautiful homes, good food and Florida hospitality were on tap recently at the 11th annual Coral Gables Tour of Kitchens. Presented by the Coral Gables Community Foundation,… Read more

Where To Find The Best Sushi In FL 2020: Daily Meal

MIAMI, FL — Sushi is so much more than a California spring roll. The food writers at The Daily Meal website say more restaurants offer the delicate, flavorful Japanese treat. To give the deserving… Read more

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