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Potter Lisa Mueller set up shop outside of Espresso Laine during the August First Friday event. She’s a self-confirmed “maker” and enjoys visiting with the FIrst Friday crowds as they stroll Hermann’s streets.

Creativity runs in Lisa Mueller’s family. Her father who is now in his 90s, was a commercial artist and he is still actively creating. It didn’t make any difference what the medium was, Lisa worked with collages, she was a woodworker and a painter. This St. Charles native is a “maker” in the purist sense of the word, which is why it is odd she took a one-semester college class for credit in pottery and then quit. 

But fast forward 50 years with the specter of retirement looming, and the thought of doing pottery again seemed like one avenue to spend her remaining days having fun.

“I picked it up and it all came back again,” she said. 

Lisa likes the tactile nature of pottery, which is why she loves to garden as well. 

“Anything I can get my hands dirty with, I like it,” she says, laughing. As far as pottery is concerned, “I’m not sure which I love best—throwing it on the wheel or the glazing [process].”

It’s the glazing process that she feels separates her work from other potters. She likes a palette of earth tones and blues from nature. It wasn’t always so, saying she used a lot of vibrant colors initially, until she learned to appreciate subtlety.

“It was pretty and there were a lot of people that liked it, saying, ‘You see so much brown,’” she explained. “They were right, but with mid-fired…

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