Firefighters practice rescues on 4-story art museum | News – Google Alerts

Hickory firefighters had an audience when they conducted a rescue rope training exercise at the Hickory Museum of Art on Friday.

SALT Block summer campers ventured outside to see what it takes to rescue someone using a basket lift and rope.

“He has to hold on tight!” one camper observed as he watched the firefighters practice rescuing each other from the roof of the Hickory Museum of Art.

ROBERT C. REED/HICKORY DAILY RECORD: Hickory firefighters Alex Smith (left) and Anthony Smith (right) conduct a basket lift during rescue training at the SALT Block Friday morning.


Firefighter Alex Smith was more than happy to explain to the children what was going on and how science and math play a key role in a rescue mission.

“So guys, when the basket is up and down, this is called a vertical. We can also do a horizontal, which means the basket would be laying this way,” Smith said, showing the children that horizontal means side-to-side. “Most of the time when we do a horizontal, somebody is really hurt and I may be using equipment to breathe for them if they can’t breathe on their own.”


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