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The Children’s Summer Arts Festival brought the sunshine and the crafts Friday to Arts & Education at The Hoyt.

“They had all kinds of stuff like multicultural. Japanese, American Indian all that,” Susan Schlosser said about the types of craft projects offered at the festival. “We made the Japanese fan.”

The festival was a free event from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the back of the East Leasure Avenue center. Face painting, tie dye, origami and bracelet making were just some of the crafts local children enjoyed.

“My grandson has bracelets on both hands … That was his favorite,” Marla Scentgeorge said.

Yurih Hughes, Scentgeorge’s grandson, raised both wrists to show them off proudly.

“I think she liked the cotton candy,” Yurih said about what he thought his sister Auvi’s favorite part of the festival might have been.

Shenango Elementary School student Melina Rossi, 11, gets her face painted by Arts & Education at the Hoyt volunteer Nadia Merz, who will be a junior this upcoming school year at Wilmington High School.


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Paige Hemke Kleinfelder, local artist and employee at the Hoyt, headed the production of a community mosaic to which children could contribute with half-marbles.

“The mosaic was beautiful. I…

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