Families, kids play and create at Children’s Art Festival | Community News – Google Alerts

MOUNT VERNON — Creativity and silliness filled Hillcrest Park on Saturday for the 35th annual Children’s Art Festival.

More than 30 businesses, organizations and community members offered kids and adults a chance to get in touch with their creative side. Kids could paint their own masterpiece, create a custom key chain, have their faces painted, observe craftspeople at work and more.

The event was hosted by City of Mount Vernon Parks & Recreation.

“It really is to provide a free opportunity for everyone in the community to play with art,” said Recreation Supervisor Linda Brookings.

Sue Clark has hosted a fish print booth for 20 years. Kids paint a rubber fish with colors of their choice and press the fish onto a paper. When she started out, Clark said the booth used dead fish, and later switched to rubber ones to make things easier.

At the Northwest Woodturners booth, kids waited in line with wooden tops to give to the woodturners to make a custom creation. Woodturner Ray Shields explained that he cuts grooves into the wood to give it texture, and colors it with a crayola marker while the top turns on the machine.

There were also physical activities from hula hooping to a firefighter course challenge.

Zeke Dryden, 2, said his favorite part was putting out a fire with a hose with the help of the Mount Vernon Fire Department.

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