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Responding to requests from the regional art community, the second annual “ ART/RE/ART ” contemporary experiential art exhibit will take place at 5 p.m. on Saturday Oct. 5, in the historic Giles Motors building on 202 S. Sterling St. in downtown Morganton . The show is free and open to the public.

The historic Giles Motors building, a 100-year-old structure that was one of the early Ford dealerships in the southeastern United States, is being renovated for residential and commercial uses.

ART/RE/ART founder Nancy VanNoppen, a local artist and website designer, said that the response from the first ART/RE/ART was “seriously fantastic.”

“We had a huge turnout, and everyone enjoyed immersing themselves in the art experiences offered,” VanNoppen said, standing in the under-construction, concrete garage on the first floor of the Giles building that serves as the exhibit showcase. “We are stepping it up this fall . There will be live artistic performances, dozens of exhibits, art hanging from the rafters, art on the walls, art coming out of the floor, art holding up other art and opportunities for people to create even more art.”

ART/RE/ART will accept art submissions through Monday, Sept. 9. Artists can apply online at ​ https://artreart.com/​. VanNoppen said many local businesses are participating in captivating promotional efforts for ART/RE/ART.

“Sure, we have window posters, rack cards and all the other usual marketing stuff, but we also have a mannequin contest going on around town, a new monster-bad website, social media, of course, and some TV commercials. We’re all in, and all out, this time.”

When asked if she could be a bit more specific about exactly “what ART/RE/ART is and is not,” VanNoppen said, “It’s simple. ART/RE/ART is about bringing alternative art experiences to the Morganton area, ones that take place outside the traditional gallery setting. We already have a lot of…

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