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BOONE—For as long as Boone resident Gina Kahler can remember, art has been a positive influence in her life.

As a child, for Christmas and birthdays, she would frequently ask for markers and other various art supplies, while other children only wanted toys and bikes, Kahler said. Her interest in art began as a young child and blossomed into a love of hers, and then into a career as Kahler began Made by Gina nearly four years ago.

Although Kahler has made a career out of painting portraits, business cards and pillows, the love of art as a hobby runs in her bloodline.

While growing up in Lincoln, Nebraska, her grandmother and great grandmother, both named Mary, began sharing their love and talent of various types of artwork like oil paintings with her. Since then, something about her great-grandmother’s work has always stuck with her.

“(She) had an album … like a scrap book. She was very poor and unable to afford an actual book to sketch in, so she would use her old school books and would paste pictures in them,” Kahler said. “I remember always looking at those when I would visit her, and after she passed my grandmother gave me the album.”

Since receiving that album, a lot has changed in Kahler’s life. She moved to Iowa, got married in 2016 and had her first child, Sterling, a year later.

But in 2016, she decided to start sharing her love of art with the world on social media through Made by Gina.

And those who saw her work were drawn to it.

“Someone posted a piece of art that she did on Facebook, and I checked out her page and found that the way she does paintings and drawings was something I truly liked,” said Sue Wakerley, a customer from Vacaville, Calif. “When I looked at it, it made me smile, and that’s something we need in the world now.”

Wakerley has bought five portraits for her home from Made by Gina, and has bought multiple gifts for her friends of portraits of their dogs and even a pillow.

What started as a way to share her…

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