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It’s not just a clever name, but what motivated two local brewers to start a business for themselves, while also contributing to the local arts scene one tap at a time.

Bad Idea Brewing Company was a vision created by co-owners Zac Fox and Todd Rode, who for years enjoyed their downtime by coming up with original craft beer recipes. Only it wasn’t until last year that they decided, “Maybe we can turn this into a real business.”

The duo have been hard at work over the past few months finalizing their 1,400 square-foot space at the Columbia Arts Building at 307 W. 11th St. They recently acquired their beer license from the Columbia Beer Board, and are counting down the days before they are ready to serve their first customers. The goal is to have everything ready by the next monthly Friday Night Arts event, held during the last Friday of the month at the CAB.

“Getting to this point has taken about four years. It all started with us just brewing beer at home in the garage,” Fox said. “We started talking it over and asked, ‘What does it really take to start a brewery, and what does it take to be in this industry?’”

Bad Idea is truly an independent business, with Fox and Rode handling the majority of the work without any paid employees. Fox primarily oversees the brewing, while Rode handles the business and finance side of things. How they came to the CAB was by happenstance, which Fox said happened one day when he was in town to get car tags, and was curious to see what the arts building was all about.

“It was one of those ‘a-ha’ moments. I took off work that day to get my tags and went to Sweet Bakes when it was still here at the CAB Cafe,” Fox said. “I met the owner Holly [Freeman] and she asked ‘What is your art?’ I said I brew beer, so let’s talk.”

Rode described their meeting with Freeman as “fortuitous,” especially once they realized the vision of the CAB.

“We just started talking, and the next day came down and…

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