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This wood piece is Female Cardinal with baby by Wheeling artist Susan Dorsch.

Editor’s Note: Each month, Artworks Around Town will tell us about its member artists. This week will feature artist Susan Dorsch.

WHEELING –Artworks Around Town member artist Susan Dorsch is a native of West Virginia currently living in Wheeling. Her talents cross over many lines and go in many directions. Her current love is carving realistic and stunning songbirds.

Interested in art and the creative process since grade school, she fell in love with letters and numbers while learning cursive writing. Her skills were perfected to the point she always won the penmanship awards (back when schools had such things)! In high school, she took all the art classes afforded her and spent weekends making signs and bulletin boards for elementary school teachers.

In college, unsure of her artistic talents at the time, she majored in other fields but still spent time creating posters and acrylic works for friends. She soon started making signs for local businesses and community projects, including painting the school walls, football field and billboard with team mascots. She holds a bachelor’s degree in health, physical education and special education from West Liberty State College as well as a degree in fine art from Ohio University.

While pursuing her art degree, she states her “interests grew to every medium she was introduced to.” Discovering wood was instrumental to her current medium of choice. Susan has built most of the furniture in her home and now enjoys mixed media and interpretive creations with wood. The songbirds she creates are breath-taking in their realism. Every part of each piece, whether it represent feathers, metal or leaves is made of wood. Although Susan has concentrated on wood sculpture, she has completed many two-dimensional works, winning awards and participating in single or dual art exhibitions at Delf Norona Museum, West Virginia Northern…

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