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VALDOSTA – The local art scene consists of theatre, painters, photographers and musicians – all of which may be considered typical mediums to most people. 

Art also comes in forms not traditionally thought of including architecture, interior design and landscaping.

This report explores the artistic aspect of those chosen careers.

The Art of Architecture

When people ride past Scintilla Charter Academy or CrossPointe Church, they are looking at the work of Bruce Smith.

Submitted PhotoBruce Smith is an architect with Studio 8 Design Architecture. 

Smith has a strong art presence around town, specifically in his role as president of the Public Art Advisory Committee.

But the enthusiast crosses paths with art in another way.

While Smith has previously been a watercolor painter, he has changed his focus to designing buildings.

He works as an architect for Studio 8 Design Architecture on North Oak Street.

Beginning his career more than 40 years ago, he has worked both in Valdosta and Atlanta. He is registered in Georgia, Florida, Alabama and South Carolina.

“The creative part of architecture involves an understanding of what colors work well together and what colors tend to fight each other,” Smith said.

“An understanding of proportions and textures as well as contrasting materials are critical to the creative aspect of architectural design.”

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