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This weekend in Cambridge, things are getting artsy.

There will be a networking event for artists on Sunday, Dec. 1 from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. at the Cambridge Market Cafe, 217 W. Main St.

Born out of a social media event and a meet-up arranged online, this event is all about creating space for artists to share their passions and support each other.

The organizer of the meet-up, Katherine Simdon, said she felt there is a need for more networking opportunities. The goal of the event, therefore, is to create an environment specifically for collaboration.

It’s meant to be a space for people to connect with each other, share resources, learn together, and help one another to grow.

In a community devoted to arts, with such a rich art history, that seems like a natural extension.

This gathering is open to anyone, the invitation says: professionals, hobby artists, students, dabblers, art lovers, curators, teachers. Anybody who wants to learn something about art.

So if you are a professional artist, or you casually create, or you have aspirations of learning a new skill, here’s a chance to chat with some artsy folks that could help you on your way.

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