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New challenges are nothing new to Chris Smith.

Relocating to another time zone for love, teaching himself to paint and sketch and learning the slower pace of Tennessee have all been influences in Smith’s life.

So painting a mural for the first time was an easy undertaking. Smith recently finished a mural commissioned by Guitar Zone, a music shop opening soon on South Cumberland Street in Morristown, and he said he could have finished the project in less than the week it took.

“(The mural) probably would have taken three days to finish had it not been raining. It set me back a couple of days,” he said.

At 23 feet by 12 feet, the finished project features three different types of guitars representing different genres of music. Painted completely free hand from a sketch drawn days earlier, three musical staffs in both treble and bass clefs grace the top and bottom of the mural replete with quarter notes, half notes, eighth notes, double stops and flowing chords. In the center is a varnish triangle with a treble clef in the center that gives the mural a raised look in the sunshine.

“I knew what the shop was gonna look like. The owners knew what they wanted,” Smith said. “I knew I couldn’t just do one guitar. I painted one guitar, then something more jazzy and another more rock and roll.”

Smith wanted to add his own personal story to the project, as well as that of the owner of Guitar Zone. The result was four guitar picks. One pick represents Smith’s home state of Texas, while another boasts his current state of Tennessee. Two picks at the bottom of the mural represent the German flag crossed by the American flag.

“I wanted part of me in the mural. I’m from Texas, so I used one pick to represent my home state, and I’m now in Tennessee so I painted the Tennessee state flag,” the Dallas native said. “The owner is German, so I painted their flag, but he’s also American – and he loves this country – so I…

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