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SUNBURY — Unless you associate physics with art, Qiang Huang didn’t take a traditional path into the art world.

Huang studied physics and high technology before attending the graduate school of the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, and has been an art teacher now for about 10 years. The artist held the second of three days of oil painting workshops at the Sunbury YMCA Art Center in Sunbury on Wednesday.

“During my graduate school time, I was a teaching assistant,” Huang said. “So that gave me some opportunity to experience the teaching feeling, and I liked it.”

Director Mary Jo Cicero said the Sunbury YMCA was on Huang’s list for a year and a half.

“He came here for the first time in 2016, and I saw for the very first time here at the center, the enhancement, the encouragement, the impetus, for the students we have here to grow,” Cicero said. “They were so influenced by his work and his teaching style, and I thought, ‘this is important for all of us here in a community.’”

As the 13 students painted Wednesday morning, Huang went easel to easel, making suggestions, changes and presenting new ideas for their work.

“It’s good for me to stretch my experience, and this instructor uses methods that are so different from what I’m used to using,” said Simonne Roy, of Lewisburg, while taking a lunch break.

“We’re stretching ourselves. We’re required to do things that don’t come naturally and so we have to work at it, but it’s very very satisfying. It’s the most fun thing I know to do — to paint,” Roy said.

Some students painted images of the Albright Center, others found beauty in what some may overlook.

Huang has traveled to many different places to paint, compete or teach. He said he doesn’t discriminate against where he goes, so when the art center contacted him his response was simple.

“I said, where is Sunbury? I’ve never…

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