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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Vandals struck a local elementary school’s art classroom just weeks before the start of the new school year. According to Tammie Gallimore, a teacher Robert E. Lake Elementary says her classroom was trashed. The school is located near Sahara and Eastern avenues.

“I love teaching, and I love art, and this community means a lot to me,” said Gallimore.

Gallimore has been an art specialist at Robert E. Lake Elementary for seven out of her 13-year career. She says art is her biggest passion.

“We do contest, we do perspective drawings, we do painting, and not as much clay as I’d like to, but we just do lots of different type of projects throughout the year,” Gallimore said.

When she found out her classroom was broken into over the weekend, she was shocked how anyone could be so destructive and hurtful.

“Not only was it school property, but it was personal things that I had on the walls; you know art projects I had done that I wanted to display for the students to show that I could actually do art as well,” Gallimore said.

Several paintings held memories that were important to her. Nothing was left untouched.

“There was fire extinguisher residue all over the entire classroom, there was spray paint on the walls,” Gallimore said. “They had gone into my cabinets and taken the paint and just squirted it all over on the ceilings on the walls.” “When I left the end of the school year last year here, my classroom was pretty much ready to go, and I was excited to get started, and now I have a long road ahead to kind of put it back together.”

Gallimore has been stressed by the vandalism, but she is going to do whatever she can to get things fixed because she wants to make sure her students have the best school year possible.

Thanks to a GoFundMe by her friend Gallimore is hoping to re-build the classroom and make her art room the best that it can be.

“I don’t want the act of a…

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