ART bus fight captured on video – Google Alerts

Posted: Jan 5, 2020 / 05:36 PM MST / Updated: Jan 5, 2020 / 06:03 PM MST

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A brawl on an ART bus left some passengers scrambling to get away and others jumping in to try to break it up.

That’s according to a passenger who says he recorded most of it. Passenger Mike Baca says he started rolling on a heated argument among ART passengers over a stolen backpack.

He says it happened Saturday afternoon, near the Central and Unser Transit Station. It escalated to the man in a black jacket throwing a punch, and then other people jumped in. Some joined in the fight and others trying to pull people apart.

Baca says minutes went by before the bus stopped in downtown and the people involved got off. “I’ll never ride the bus again. It was just something we wanted to see and try out,” Baca said.

News 13 asked APD if officers responded or if charges have been filed but have not heard back.

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