American art: Powers paints Legion mural in downtown Brainerd – Google Alerts

Local artist Tony Powers is in the process of painting a mural at the American Legion Post No. 255 on Front Street depicting a waving American flag, a soldier kneeling by a battlefield cross, and the seals of the branches of the military.

After completing a mural on the west wall of The Crossing Arts Alliance in 2018, Tony Powers takes on a bigger project Monday July 22, with the mural on the east wall of the Brainerd American Legion in downtown Brainerd. Steve Kohls / Brainerd Dispatch.

The 20-foot by 80-foot mural is located on the east wall of the Legion and will be visible from Front Street.

Brainerd Restoration viewed the east facade of the American Legion as a huge, blank canvas, and as a huge opportunity for local artists to help beautify downtown Brainerd, according to the nonprofit. Brainerd Restoration is 501(c)(3) organization passionate about the revitalization and redevelopment of historic downtown Brainerd and the surrounding community, according to its website.

The organization approached the American Legion about the mural concept two years ago and has been raising money ever since to pay for an artist to design and paint the side of the building. Brainerd Restoration, Powers and members of the American Legion met on multiple occasions to confirm the design expectations for the mural, however, Powers should get all of the credit for the artistic representation of these meetings and expectations, the organization reported.

Artist Tony Powers paints Monday, July 22, on a portion of a 20-by-80-foot mural on the east wall of the Brainerd American Legion. Steve Kohls / Brainerd Dispatch

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