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Sculptor Aaron Pasksins has a solo show April 3-24.

Aaron Paskins’ finished sculptures, especially his life-sized pieces, are no joke. The attention to detail and passion he injects into his works are enchanting.

It’s a skill he’s been honing for a long time, thanks to his dad.

“When other kids were outside playing, I was doing line drawings. I know now he was building my foundation for greater things to come,” said Paskins, 50, of Dover.

That sort of discipline, coupled with Paskins’ deep imagination, has led him to becoming one of 19 artists named an Individual Artist Fellowship by the Delaware Division of the Arts.

He won a $6,000 grant for his African-themed sculptures.

While Black History Month is nearly over, Paskins will keep that theme alive in his new solo show from April 3-24 at the Mezzanine Gallery in Wilmington.

That show will feature new pieces, including two titled “Kemba” and “Mufasa.” Paskins is staying mum about the details of the new show to keep it a surprise, he said.

In addition to his solo show, Paskins and the other 18 Fellows will have their works in a joint show, “Award Winners XX,” at the Biggs Museum of American Art in Dover from June 5 to July 23.

The Dover artist operates under the company Our Story Studios. His wife, Gina, is the chief operating official for the business.

Paskins is currently working on a documentary that’s tied to his recent trip to Togo in Africa. The film is slated for release in 2021, he said.

The sculptor dished on how he’ll spend his grant money, whether he thinks Black History Month is still a good thing, and the impact Togo had on him.

How would you describe the works you submitted?

What I try to do is push the envelope with anatomy. I’m sometimes moving more toward using animals and things like that, as far as expression, too. I’m always going to be a figurative artist. I try to show my works using indigenous tribes/African themes. 

How will you spend your…

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