$1.4 million worth of art projects planned along I-4 – Story – Google Alerts

– The I-4 Ultimate Project is about to get more artsy, as $1.4 million is being divided among six communities for neighborhood art installations along the roadway.

“We wanted to connect with each community along the right-of-way,” said William McGinnis, SGL Constructors Project Director.

With the project behind schedule and still causing traffic headaches, some question if now the time to be planning art. 

“It’s not always easy for the public to look at plans and drawings and conceive art to match it. This is the perfect timing for it; it’s not too early and it’s not too late, because they can synchronize their efforts and everything can come together at once,” said McGinnis.

Among those getting a portion of the funds is the historic town at East Kennedy Boulevard and Interstate 4. Eatonville has plans for an art installation, 125 feet about the town. The Eatonville Water Tower will soon shine brightly with the town’s name.

“Hey! It is Eatonville, we are right over here, come visit us,” said James Benderson, planner for the Town of Eatonville.

Benderson hopes the artistic nameplate will attract tourists.

“They’re coming here to visit the mouse or the whale and all those other tourist attractions, I want them to say, ‘oh, let’s go check out some history,” said Benderson.

Eatonville also plans to install attractive landscaping and other public art installations.

“It’s another thing the community can be proud of,” said Benderson.

Drivers we spoke to hope the art isn’t too distracting.

“Something low-key, that’s architecture/infrastructure, that looks like it blends in with the city, nothing too distracting because you’re obviously driving,” said Jenna Radomsky.

“I mean, if you were stuck in traffic, that will be nice to look at,” said Hayley Bogert.

The funding for this project is coming from an endowment money set aside from the start of the project for this purpose. Here is the breakdown in funding: City of…

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